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An extensible platform

Written by Dave
Wednesday, 15 April 2009

You can extend Elxis features even more by installing additional components, modules, bots and tools. EDC has a variaty of free and commercial extensions for Elxis CMS and is continiously enriched day-by-day with new ones. In comparisson to other CMSs and web applications, Elxis third party extensions are checked for their quality and security level by experts before they get published. This way we ensure you that your Elxis web site will function properly and secure under any circumstances. To download Elxis extensions visit the Elxis Downloads Center. If you are a developer and you wish to submit your work at EDC you are welcome.

Last Updated Wednesday, 15 April 2009
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You can extend the functionality of your Elxis CMS by installing new modules, components, templates, login screens, languages, bridges and bots. You can download for free or purchase additional software from Elxis.org and Elxis-downloads.com web sites or other third party site.


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