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Multilingual content

Written by Dave
Sunday, 05 April 2009

Elxis is an authentic multilingual content management system that allows you to shape the form and content of your webpage, accordingly to the language of the visitor. In Elxis, multilinguism is not identified with the term of translation, but it constitutes a fundamental element of the webpage itself, as well as a factor that defines all the pages layout. Moreover, Elxis is equipped with full UTF-8 support and additional functions for handling multibyte strings, that are not supported yet by the PHP. Elxis multilingual and language handling capabilities are unique.

Elxis is fully compatible with reverse-direction written languages (RTL), like Arabic or Hebrew. The module that is for language change is equipped with a "Smart Switch", that, under circumstances 1, allows the language to change while remaining in the same page. All the system messages, the date and the time, the RSS feeds 2, the module titles, the XML parameters, and the integrated help are multilingual in both Elxis front-end and back-end. More over, Elxis 2009 will automatically detect visitors browser language during their first visit to your site and redirect them to the proper language version of your site 3.

1 Changing language and remaining in the same webpage is possible, if the requested webpage is available in the new language.
2 The relevant parameter must be activated, in the Syndicate component.
3 If there is such language version available.

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