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Written by Dave
Sunday, 05 April 2009

If you are a new Elxis user you will soon notice that your web site is listed in all major search engines and your site is among the first returning results in a web search. This is not something that made accidentically. Elxis is optimized for search engines. Even if you are a bad web site administrator and you dont pay attention to issues such as META data, h tags, paragraphs, internal/external linking, etc, Elxis will fix many of these issues auto-magically when displaying your articles. If you pay some caution when inserting content then Elxis can really take off your site ranking in search engines.

We strongly recommend you to enable SEO PRO. This will make your site URLs search engines and human friendly. SEO PRO will also hide PHP variables from the URLs making your site safer against hackers. Even if some search engines can now handle better dynamically generated URLs, SEO PROs static URLs are much better.

Generated by Elxis HTML is XHTML and CSS valid. Obaying to the W3C standards guarantees that your web site will be displayed properly and errors-free under any browser or device.

If a visitor type a non-existing URL then Elxis will display to him a special error 404 page that will notify him that the requested page was not found. More over Elxis will automatically display in the same page links to your web site pages as you have them in your menus in order for the visitor to continue browsing.

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