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Users and user groups

Written by Dave
Sunday, 05 April 2009

Elxis has an hierarhical structure of user groups. In each user group a set of permissions is assigned. You can add, edit or delete user groups as well as set their permissions over elxis via the Access manager. Access manager is a very powerfull feature that you have to use wisely and with caution if you do not want to make your site disfunctional. By default Elxis comes with the following predefined user groups:

Access only to Front-end

  • Public Frontend. Every visitor belongs to that group.
  • Registered. Users that registered to your site can have access to content that was invisible to "Public Frontend" group. They can also submit content or web links from the Front-end, manage their profile and view the users list.
  • Author. Authors have all the rights that a Registered User has, plus more.
  • Editor. Editors have all the rights that an Author has, plus more.
  • Publisher Publishers have all the rights that an Editor has, plus more.

Access to Backend

  • Public Backend. Every visitor to the administration login form belongs to that group.
  • Manager. Managers have access to Back End but limited responsibilities. They have access to: Media manager, statistics, edit current menus but not add new ones, edit content.
  • Administrator. Administrators have access to backend with less limitations than Managers. They have access to all functions Managers have, plus: Trash Manager, User Manager (cannot add new users), create new menus, manage components, modules and bots.
  • Super Administrator. Super Administrators are the higher level accounts. They have full access to all functions of administration panel.
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